Firecracker Classic Wins Go To Tosh, Crigler, Moore, Tiger, Baldridge, & Roy
July 4, 2020
--- The annual running of the 'Firecracker Classic' took center stage at Legit Speedway Park over the Independence Day holiday weekend, as a strong contingent of Super Stock drivers piled into the West Plains, Missouri oval to do battle in the 'Midwest Super Stock Challenge.' Last week's warmup winner Richie Tosh once again emerged victorious to pocket the $5,000 windfall ahead of Kevin Salter, Jeremy Russell, Donnie Miller, and Chuck Knight. Other winner's throughout the weekend included Sawyer Crigler (IMCA Mod), Robby Moore (Late Model), Dustin Tiger (Hobby Stock), Brandon Baldridge (USRA B-Mod), and Ray Roy (Bone Stock). Legit Speedway Park will sit idle over the July 10-11 weekend before $5.00 Night at the speedway on Saturday, July 18, which features all classes in racing action plus youth go-karts.

Firecracker Classic Midwest Super Stock Challenge Feature Results
1. Richie Tosh
2. Kevin Salter
3. Jeremy Russell
4. Donnie Miller
5. Chuck Knight
6. Derek Brown
7. Tony Anglin
8. Brian Schutt
9. Aaron Poe
10. Carl Murphy
11. Skyler Cochran
12. Jimmy Cornell
13. Paul Belken
14. Jeremy Tharp
15. Scott Crites
16. Carmon Vincent
17. Bobby Bryant
18. Reggie Jackson
19. Jessie Shearin
20. Kris Lloyd
21. Austin Vincent
22. Peyton Taylor
23. Tim Brown
24. John Coats

Firecracker Classic Next Level Powersports Pole Award Winner Richie Tosh
Firecracker Classic A 2 Z Products Fast Time Winner Tim Brown

Firecracker Classic Holiday Inn Express IMCA Modified Feature Results 7/4/20
1. Sawyer Crigler
2. Ashton Wilkey
3. Roger Witt
4. Brandon Smith
5. Brint Hartwick
6. Jeff Taylor
7. Drake Findley
8. Brandon Walsh
9. Tyler Vinson
10. Steve Picou
11. Billy Romans
12. Bryce Clark
13. Casey Findley
14. Chuck Adams
15. Justin Rigel
16. Shane Kelley
17. Matt Barry
18. Cam Rank
19. Luke Aitken
20. Landon Clinton
21. Trever Vandiver
22. Justin Kraft
23. Brad Gholson
24. Jay Croney

Firecracker Classic Tooley Real Estate & Auctions Late Model Feature Results 7/4/20
1. Robby Moore
2. Joey Smith
3. Austin Vincent
4. Hunter Gilmore
5. Steve Karnes
6. Ben Piper
7. Jerry Croney

Firecracker Classic Checkered Flag Truck Repair Hobby Stock Feature Results 7/4/20
1. Dustin Tiger
2. Will Smart
3. John Stiner
4. Kevin Collins
5. Brad Ball
6. Benny Grogan
7. Chris Skinner
8. Peyton Taylor
9. Corey Lambert
10. Chris Murray
11. Ethan Rushin
12. Layke Ellison
13. Skyler Howell
14. Lonnie Sitzes
15. Blaine Mattey
16. Kaitlyn Foster

Firecracker Classic Reliable Chevrolet USRA B-Mod Feature Results 7/3/20
1. Brandon Baldridge
2. Blake Horton
3. Luke Aitken
4. Ryan Thomas
5. Shawn Whitman

Firecracker Classic Domino's Pizza Bone Stock Feature Results 7/3/20
1. Ray Roy
2. Michael Roy
3. Gavin Graves
4. Justice Bennett





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